Agreda, Juanico de

Active 1583

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Person Born Died Gender Person ID
Juanico de Agreda Alcolea de Cinca 1573 M P0353

Instrument(s) Professional group Social status Social sphere Why is the person listed?
vihuela de mano harp vihuela de arco arpa harp Musician Urban Urban Instrumentalist (plucked) Instrumentalist (bowed)

Years active Place active Century Region
1583 Zaragoza 16cent/3/late Aragon
Biographical information

Juanico de Agreda is known only from his contract of apprenticeship in Zaragoza to Antonio Mayayo The text dated 13 Sept 1583 tells that “Juanico de Agreda, a boy of the Hospital de las Niños Desamparados of the city of Zaragoza, aged ten years more or less, native of the town of Alcolea de Cinca... I sign myself to the magnificent Antonio Mayayo, musician, inhabitant of the city of Zaragoza for eight years... on condition that he will give me to eat, drink... and teach me to read and write, mensural notation, play the vihuela de arco, the vihuela de mano and the harp, and dance....
A larger portion of the document is given in calahorraZ, II, 326.

Related persons
Antonio Mayayo was his teacher

Source documents
Date Document
1583.13.10 Juanico de Agreda, contract of apprenticeship.

Ref Author Item Pages
calahorraZ Calahorra, Pedro. La musica en Zaragoza en los siglos XVI y XVII. 2 vols. Zaragoza: Institucion Fernando el Catolico, 1977-1978. 326