Enríquez de Valderrábano

Corona de más hermosas


Silva de sirenas (1547), fol. 24


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Source title primero grado.
Title in contents   Villancico corona de mas hermosa en el primero grado.
Text incipit Corona de mas hermosa


Category song

Genre villancico

Fantasia type

Mode 1

Voices 3

Length (compases) 16


Tuning G

Courses 6

Final V/2

Highest I/5

Lowest V/2

Difficulty easy

Tempo medium

Song Text

Language ES

Vocal notation texted cifras rojas


An easy medium-paced villancico fragment of only 16 compases, possibly by Valderrábano that sets probably just the estribillo of a villancico text. As Pujol notes, it is a contapuntal variation on the previous work, De dónde venís, amore (Pujol1965, I 50). It is the first of four brief villancicos on the same page of Silva de sirenas. The text is otherwise unknown.