Music instruments shipping, Puerto Rico.

1512-1516 Archivo Nacional, San Juan

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Music instruments shipping, Puerto Rico. 1512-1516 16cent/1/early

Various musical instruments shipped to the Americas between 1512 and 1516 including eight vihuelas and a guitar

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archival document Vihuelas Guitar Archivo Nacional, San Juan
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Ship list, 1512-1516,  Spain to Puerto Rico:
Sept.19, 1512, Alonso de Buenaano, small vihuela, value 1 peso.,2 tomines.
Feb.26, 1513, Luis de Santiago, vihuela, value, 2 p., 4 t.
June 26, 1516, Alonso Hernandez carries six small vihuelas, value 5 t. each.
Dec. 11, 1516, Juan Martin carries a guitar, value  3t.

import duty was also charged on thirty-seven sets of vihuela strings.

The value of a vihuela, circa 1512-1516: The <peso> was divided into 8 pieces (pieces of 8).  Each eighth was called a tomin.

(1971:449-51, 459).
In 1516, a pair of scissors, and one pound of cunin, value 1 t. .
A frilled linen shirt, value 5 t.   Barrel of 1000 sardines, value, 1 p. 

The shipping lists, 1512-1516, show the there were differences in value in the instruments listed as vihuel and guitar.  By this me the term vihuela and guitar could be used to identify either one.  The less expensive vihuelas could have been 4 course Renn. guitars. 

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Information from tanodiD, pp. 449-51, 459 quoted in pinnellRG. The orignal documents are in Archivo Nacional, San Juan, PR.
Information sent to Juohn Griffiths from Puerto Rico by Juan Sotomayor (e-mail 11-06-2010). juan sotomayor <>