Bermudo, Juan

Active 1549 1555

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Juan Bermudo M P0016

Instrument(s) Professional group Social status Social sphere Why is the person listed?
vihuela vihuela de mano guitarra discante harp rabel clavicordio monacordio órgano tecla Cleric Ecclesiastical Church Author Composer (polyphony) Music theorist

Years active Place active Century Region
1549 1555 Osuna 16cent/2/mid Andalucia
Biographical information

Juan Bermudo was a priest resident in the town of Osuna in Andalucía and one of the principal writers on the vihuela, particularly in his Declaración de instrumentos musicales (Osuna, 1555) and earlier versions, the first of which is entitled Arte tripharia (1549). His treatise deals extensively with the vihuela, its tuning and fretting, detailed instruction for learning how to intabulate vocal music, and a discussion of the experimental tunings used by many players. He also discusses many related instruments in detail, the guitar, bandurria, harp and keyboard instruments

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Source documents
Date Document
1555 Juan Bermudo, Declaración de instrumentos musicales.

Ref Author Item Pages
annoni1989 Annoni, Maria T. “Tuning, Temperament, and Pedagogy for the Vihuela in Juan Bermudo's Declaración de instrumentos musicales (1555)”. PhD Diss, Ohio State U, 1989.

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