Daza, Pedro

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Person Born Died Gender Person ID
Pedro Daza 1551ca 1579 M P0711

Instrument(s) Professional group Social status Social sphere Why is the person listed?
Bourgeoisie Urban From a vihuelist's family

Years active Place active Century Region
Valladolid 16cent Castilla
Biographical information

Brother of Esteban Daza
Born c. 1551, died after 1578.

Related persons
Esteban Daza was his brother

Source documents
Date Document
1578.05.26-30 Juana Daza, payment of her dowry following the death of her husband.
1569.04.09 The children of Tomás Daza, executorship and guardianship of their persons and property
1579.09.17 Gaspar Daza, 3rd will and testament.
1587.12.28 Gerónima de Aranda, inventory.
1578.05.27 Recognition of the donation of the legitima of Juana de los Rios, Maria Maldonado, Franc° Daza Daza and Tomás de los Rios and the absence of P º Daza (Doc. 3).
1586.12.15-17 Gaspar Daza, 21 documents related to his death.
1592.02.16 Francisco and Pedro Daza, power of attorney.
1563.05.19 Tomás Daza, last will and testament