de los Ríos, Inés (2)

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Person Born Died Gender Person ID
Inés (2) de los Ríos Valladolid 1538-11-25 Valladolid 1593ca F P0667

Instrument(s) Professional group Social status Social sphere Why is the person listed?
Bourgeoisie Urban From a vihuelist's family

Years active Place active Century Region
16cent/2/mid Castilla
Biographical information

Esteban Daza’s sister, named after her granmother Inés de los Ríos.
Presumably Esteban Daza was born about the same time, probably 9-12 months before

Related persons
Esteban Daza was her brother
el licenciado Esteban Daza was her grandfather
Tomás Daza was her father
Juana Daza was her mother
Inés (1) de los Ríos was her grandmother

Source documents
Date Document
1538.11.25 Inés Daza, baptism.
1563.05.19 Tomás Daza, last will and testament
1572.02.27 Juana y María Daza, admission to the convent of Santa Clara.
1574.12.13 Gaspar Daza, will and testament.
1579.09.17 Gaspar Daza, 3rd will and testament.
1579.09.17-26 Daza Chapel, a series of documents.
1587.01.19 Baltazar Daza, agreement with the monastery of San Benito el Real.
1592 Inés de los Rios, death.
1624.03.26 History of the Daza chapel.