Piazza, Calisto

Active 1520-1561

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Person Born Died Gender Person ID
Calisto Piazza Lodi 1500 Lodi 1561 M P0439

Instrument(s) Professional group Social status Social sphere Why is the person listed?
vihuela de arco Artist Artisan Urban Artist (painter)

Years active Place active Century Region
1520-1561 Lodi Milan 16cent/1/early Italy
Biographical information

Callisto Piazza (1500–1561) was an Italian painter, a member of the Piazza family of painters, was born in Lodi, Lombardy. In 1523 he was working in Brescia. His first dated and signed work is from the following year, and shows a typical Brescian style… In 1526–1529 Piazza worked in Val Camonica, at Erbanno, Borno, Breno, Esine and Cividate Camuno. In 1529 he returned to his native Lodi where he formed a workshop with his brothers Cesare and Scipione (died 1552). In 1538, while in Crema, he married the noblewoman Francesca Confalonieri. Later Callisto moved to Milan, where he received numerous commissions, such as the decoration of the San Girolamo chapel in Santa Maria presso San Celso (1542); the decoration of the refectory of the convent of Sant'Ambrogio (1545); the frescoes for the Saletta Negra in the Castello Sforzesco; and the decoration of the Simonetta chapel in San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore (1555), largely executed with the assistance of his son Fulvio. He also worked in Lodi at the Incoronata (1454), Novara, at the Abbey of Chiaravalle and other areas of Lombardy. His graphic style is often confused with that of Romanino, who exerted a deep influence on his work… Callisto returned to Lodi in 1551 and died there ten years later.
From Wikipedia,, accessed 22/04/2020

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