Maestro de Alforja, [Francesc Ribes?]

Active 1537

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[Francesc Ribes?] Maestro de Alforja M P1201

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vihuela vihuela de mano vihuela de arco Artist Artist (painter)

Years active Place active Century Region
1537 Alforja 16cent/2/mid Cataluña
Biographical information

The identity of the Master of Alforja is not known with any exactitude. His name is due to the survival of works in the town of Alforja (Tarragona). It has been suggested by several art historians that he may have been Francesc [Francisco] Ribes, active in 1537. Together with Pere Serafì Francesc Ribes painted the retablo de Sant Cristòfol for the convent of Santa María de Montsió in Barcelona (now in the Museo Diocesano, Barcelona). The association is on the basis of stylistic similarity and approximate chronology but has no firmer substance.

See: The Frick Collection, Spanish Artists from the Fourth to the Twentieth Century: A Critical Dictionary gives Francesc Ribes as active in 1537. See: (consulted 31/01/2016)

Art historians who suggest the identification of the Maestro de Alforja with Francesc Ribes:
• Camón Aznar, La pintura española del siglo XVI, 1970, p.344:(Francisco Ribes; possibly the same as Maestro de Alforja).
• Garriga, 1986, p.78 (op.c.1537; possibly the same as Mestre de [Master of] Alforja).
• Post, v.12, 1958, p.341, 352 (Francisco Ribes, doc.1537; possibly the same as the Alfora Master [Master of Alforja]). :

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