Caramancheles, Antonio de los

Active 17 cent.

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Antonio de los Caramancheles M P1035

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vihuela lute laúd Author Author Author - poet, playwright

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17 cent. 17cent
Biographical information

Antonio de los Caramancheles is the name of the supposed author of the novel “La pastora del Manzanares y desdichas de Pánfilo”, but is completely unknown. It may well be a deliberately false name aimed at maintaining the anonymity of the author.

Quoting Cristina Castillo Martínez in her introductory study to the 2005 edition of the novel, his is an "identity that escapes us completely. The little information we have questions its veracity and makes the hypothesis that it is a pseudonym difficult to evaluate. Neither the Bibliography of Hispanic Literature, by Simón Díaz, nor other dictionaries and literature inventories list such an author. The shadows of doubt hover over this peculiar name, without us being able to find an easy solution. In the 18th century, the name Caramanchel was used by some theatre critics in La Correspondencia de España, and we also know - as P.P. Rogers and F.A. Lapuente point out in their Diccionario de pseudónimos literarios españoles - that Ricardo José Caterinéu López hid behind this name in his work Madrigales y elegías, published in Madrid in 1913. These examples (clearly anachronistic, moreover), however, only serve to corroborate the capacity of this term to function as a pseudonym, based on the success it achieved as such".

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