Vigarny, Felipe

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Person Born Died Gender Person ID
Felipe Vigarny Langres c. 1475 Toledo 1543 M P0872

Instrument(s) Professional group Social status Social sphere Why is the person listed?
vihuela vihuela de mano Architect Professional Urban Artist Artist (sculptor)

Years active Place active Century Region
Burgos, Toledo 15cent/1/early Castilla
Biographical information

Felipe Bigarny (c. 1475 – 10 November 1542), also known as Felipe Vigarny, Felipe Biguerny or Felipe de Borgoña, etc. and sometimes referred to as El Borgoñón (the Burgundian), was a sculptor born in Burgundy but who made his career in Spain and was one of the leading sculptors of the Spanish Renaissance. He was also an architect.
His work shows Flemish, Burgundian, and Italian Renaissance influences. He gained great prestige working in various parts of Spain which led to his becoming the master sculptor and carver of the Burgos Cathedral. He also played a role in creating many important works for the Crown of Castile, simultaneously operating several studios, and thus became quite wealthy. acc. 21/01/15

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