Maestro de Osma,

Active 1402- 1452

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Person Born Died Gender Person ID
Maestro de Osma M P0768

Instrument(s) Professional group Social status Social sphere Why is the person listed?
vihuela vihuela de arco Artist Artisan Church Artist Artist (painter)

Years active Place active Century Region
1402- 1452 Osma 15cent Castilla
Biographical information

Unidentified painter active in the first decade of the sixteenth century, documented 1503-1515.

He is responsible for the altarpiece in the chapel of San Ildefonso in the Cathedral of Burgo de Osma. <> Other works by him are in the Museo de Arqueología Nacional (Madrid), Museo de Valladolid, Museo Diocesano de Valladolid, and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

A bibliography concerning him is at: (accessed 21/04/2018)

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