Pérez, Tomás

Active 1629-1636

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Person Born Died Gender Person ID
Tomás Pérez M P0557

Instrument(s) Professional group Social status Social sphere Why is the person listed?
Violero Artisan Urban Maker Maker (violero)

Years active Place active Century Region
1629-1636 Madrid 17cent/1/early Castilla
Biographical information

romanillos2002, p. 304
1629 - one of the examiners of Alonso Ruiz in Madrid
1635 - Tomás Pérez and his wife Catalina de la Fuente owed 200 reales to the notary Julián de Olivares
1635 - Catalina de la Fuente made her will. Previously married to violero Alonso González Camacho by whom she had three children Alonso (a violero), Blas (silversmith), Úrsola. A list of Catalina’s funeral expenses survive from this year. The sons reported her death(21-10-1635) and sought to claim their inheritance. Documents related to the will, disposal of goods , debts and the auction of the house in calle Toledo were drawn up in that year. (28-11-1635)
1636 - 24 November, Tomás Pérez was kllled near the house of the Duke of Alba in Madrid and buried in the parish church of San Millán. Julián de Olivares paid the funeral expenses of 30 reales.
Source: AHPM

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