Fernández, Joseph

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Person Born Died Gender Person ID
Joseph Fernández M P0524

Instrument(s) Professional group Social status Social sphere Why is the person listed?
harp arpa Violero Artisan Maker Maker (violero) Violero (inst maker)

Years active Place active Century Region
Avila Valladolid 16cent/3/late Castilla
Biographical information

Pérez Arroyo 1979 describes the harp founded in the Museo del Convento de la Encarnación, Ávila. This harp is branded:
JPH Fernandez en Vd [= Valladolid] romanillos2002, p. 118
- Check article for further date evidence. Late 16th, early 17th century.

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romanillos2002 Romanillos, José Luis and Marian Harris Winspear. The Vihuela de mano and the Spanish Guitar: A Dictionary of the Makers of Plucked and Bowed Musical Instruments of Spain (1200-2002). Guijosa (Guadalajara): Sanguino Press, 2002. 118
perezarroyo1979 Pérez Arroyo, Rafael. “El Arpa de dos órdenes en España.” Revista de Musicología 2 (1979): 89-108.