Duero, Pedro de

Active 1547.04.23

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Pedro de Duero M P0452

Instrument(s) Professional group Social status Social sphere Why is the person listed?
vihuela de mano Urban

Years active Place active Century Region
1547.04.23 Valladolid 16cent/2/mid Castilla
Biographical information

Inventory of the possessions of Pedro de Duero. On fol 424v of this document is listed “una biguela grande con su caxa e otra pequeña en dos ducados” [750 mrs] Schöner argues that the price may be inflated, a “Phantasiepreis” given that the inventory and valuation was made by two parties representing his wife, María de Paz, and his son Pedro, a minor. Pedro de Duero’s total assets were valued at 3.725.826 mrs, therefore a man of significant wealth.

AHPV, Prot, caja 108, fol 424-450v

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Date Document
1547 Pedro de Duero, Inventory of his possessions.

Ref Author Item Pages
schöner1999 Schöner, Oliver. Die Vihuela de mano im Spanien des 16. Jahrhunderts. Europäsiche Hochschulenschriften, vol 198. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang, 1999. 100-101