Rodríguez, Francisco (2)

Active 1617

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Person Born Died Gender Person ID
Francisco (2) Rodríguez M P0306

Instrument(s) Professional group Social status Social sphere Why is the person listed?
vihuela Violero Artisan Urban Maker Maker (violero) Violero (inst maker)

Years active Place active Century Region
1617 Toledo 17cent/1/early Castilla
Biographical information

Is this the same violero active in Granada in 1614?
• [reynaudPT, p. 411] • One of the instigators in 1617 (together with the violeros Rodrigo de Ayllón and Miguel Puche of the Ayuntamiento de Toledo, Ordenanzas de oficios, oficios de vigoleros o vihueleros, fols 1-17v. [1617] [reynaudPT, p. 411] Described as “maestro de açer biguelas”
romanillosD, p. 342: ON 16 January 16117 a petition was headed by Rodrigo de Ayllón on behalf of the vihuela makers of Toledo to have ordinances drawn up [see entry for Rodrigo de Ayllón and Appendix 1]

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Source documents
Date Document
1617.08.07 Ordenanzas de vigoleros o vihueleros (Toledo).

Ref Author Item Pages
reynaudPT Reynaud, François. La Polyphonie tolédane et son milieu des premiers témoignages aux environs de 1600. Paris: CNRS, 1996. 411
romanillos2002 Romanillos, José Luis and Marian Harris Winspear. The Vihuela de mano and the Spanish Guitar: A Dictionary of the Makers of Plucked and Bowed Musical Instruments of Spain (1200-2002). Guijosa (Guadalajara): Sanguino Press, 2002. 342