Aguilera, Yuste de

Active 1573

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Person Born Died Gender Person ID
Yuste de Aguilera M P0297

Instrument(s) Professional group Social status Social sphere Why is the person listed?
vihuela Violero Artisan Urban Maker Maker (violero) Violero (inst maker)

Years active Place active Century Region
1573 Toledo 16cent/2/mid Castilla
Biographical information

reynaudPT, p. 405: AHPT 1559, f. 449, 1573.08.10. Apprentice violero . 16 years old. Apprenticeship contract names his father specifies his father to have been a merchant, therefore not probably son of Yuste de Aguilera, the violero, but could possibly be a grandson. Apprenticeship contract is for four years. Apprenticed to Mateo de Arratia. Arratia also charges him 6800 mrs in order to teach the trade to his son. • reynaudPT, p. 409. It seems that Arratia subcontracted some of the decoration of his instruments (ataraceas) to Yuste de Aguilera. In 1575 he owed him 272 mrs for this work.

reynaudPT, p. 405: AHPT 1919, s.f. 1561.03.05. Lease document of a house in the Calle de la Sal which “impliquant le luthier Yuste de Aguilera.
romanillos2002: Aguilera, Justo de (b. c. 1559). The name is also found written as Yuste. In 1573, fourteen year old Justo de Aguilera was apprenticed to Mateo de Arratía for four years. His father, the doctor Yuste de Aguilera of Toledo had to pay the master 200 reales in Spanish silver in two instalments; a downpayment of 150 reales and the remaining 50 reales after two months. The master instrument maker had to teach his craft and provide a home for the apprentice with a bed, food and clean clothing. In the event of his son leaving his master during the time of his apprenticeship the father would be responsible for finding his son within fifteen days and returning him to the master. Failing to do that, the terms of the apprenticeship would be anulled and the 200 reales forfeited. [AHPT, Carta de Aprendizaje, 10-08-1573, Prot: 1559, folios 449r]. Justo de Aguilera carried out the marquetry work for Mateo de Arratía [reynaudPT].

Related persons
Mateo de Arratia was his master

Source documents
Date Document
1573.08.10 Mateo de Arratia takes Yuste de Aguilera as an apprentice.

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reynaudPT Reynaud, François. La Polyphonie tolédane et son milieu des premiers témoignages aux environs de 1600. Paris: CNRS, 1996. 405
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