Enríquez de Valderrábano

Sobre la pavana real


Silva de sirenas (1547), fol. 103


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Source title Sobre la pauana real. Segu[n]do grado.
Title in contents  
Text incipit


Category variations

Genre other

Fantasia type

Mode 6

Voices 3

Length (compases) 71


Tuning E

Courses 6

Final V/3

Highest I/8

Lowest VI/1

Difficulty medium

Tempo medium

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Vocal notation


Pujol’s commentary on this piece sums up its current status: “The title of this pavana suggests that it refers to another one designated with the same epithet. We have searched among those of national and foreign composers without satisfactory results. We observe, however, that the word "Sobre" heading the title could mean that it is variations on another pavana.Its structure does not deny it, since, like those of Mudarra for vihuela and guitar, it is treated in a similar way to the variations pieces. Both its grave and majestic style and the balance of its parts are reminiscent of Luis Milan's pavanas, which could have been inspired by them. Although the time is indicated somewhat quickly, it seems better to be slow” [pujol1965, vol. 2, 12]

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