Enríquez de Valderrábano

Siete diferencias fáciles sobre Guárdame las vacas


Silva de sirenas (1547), fol. 96v


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Source title Aqui se siguen siete diferencias faciles, sobre guardame las vacas, y cada diferencia se conocera a do estouiere esta señal [congruence sign] en el discãte del cõde claros se hallarã redobles, y difere[n]cias de q[ue] se aprouechara el q[ue] touiere mão y abilidad para tañer sobre otras cosas. Primero grado.
Title in contents   Siete diferencias sobre guardame las vacas del primero y segundo grados.
Text incipit


Category variations

Genre vacas

Fantasia type

Mode 1

Voices 3

Length (compases) 166


Tuning A

Courses 6

Final V/0

Highest I/10

Lowest VI/0

Difficulty variable

Tempo medium

Song Text


Vocal notation


This is a highly individual, sophisticated setting of Guárdame las vacas. I have suggested here that it should be for a vihuela in A in order to give it its original mode. Pujol’s edition transcribes it for a vihuela in E, a fourth lower. This is also a satisfactory solution. The set is very cleverly welded together so that there is musical continuity between one variation and the next. Concerning Guárdame las vacas as a ground, see the commentary for na032

Difficulty :
Variations 1-4: - easy
Variations 5-6: - medium
Variation 7: - difficult

Song Text

see na032

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