Luis de Narváez

Arde corazón arde


Los seis libros del Delphin (1538), fol. 80


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Source title Este villancico es del quarto tono a de cantar sin la buelta dos vezes y despues la buelta otras dos vezes diciendo la misma letra. En la quarta en el primero traste esta la claue de fefaut. En la tercera en el quarto traste esta la claue de cesolfaut.
Title in contents   Ay arde coraçon arde.
Text incipit Arde coraçon arde


Category song

Genre Villancico

Fantasia type

Mode 4

Voices 4

Length (compases) 28


Tuning F#

Courses 6

Final VI/3

Highest I/6

Lowest VI/3

Difficulty not specified

Tempo slow

Song Text

Language ES

Vocal notation texted cifras rojas


A setting of a villancico text that seems to have been in currency for quite some time, and enjoyed some level ov popularity. The oldest known setting is an anonymous four-part version in the Cancionero de Palacio (no 96 in Anglés; 77 in Barbieri). Valderrabano (va047) also set the opening estribillo text in three voices for vihuela. There is some family resemblance between the melodies of the three versions, but the settings do not appear to be related.

Song Text

Arde, corazon, arde,
que no os puedo yo valer,
quebrántase mi corazón,
con penas y dolores.
Quebrántase las peñas
con picos y açadones.

Burn, my heart, burn,
for I cannot be worthy of you.
My heart is broken
with pain and sorrow.
[As] rock being broken
by picks and mattocks.

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