Alonso Mudarra

Fantasía 14, del primer tono


Tres libros de música en cifra (1546), fol. I/23


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Source title Fantasia del primer tono
Title in contents   Otra por el te[m]ple nueuo
Text incipit


Category abstract

Genre fantasia

Fantasia type ImP

Mode 1

Voices 4

Length (compases) 58


Tuning D =4

Courses 4

Final IV/0

Highest I/10

Lowest IV/0

Difficulty not specified

Tempo medium

Song Text


Vocal notation


The final of the four short fantasias de guitarra. Like the others, it is short, 58 compases, tiempo C = despacio. The work begins with imitative statements (non-canonic) of theme 1, until bar 13, then proceeds freely. The sombre mood is largely through the semitone of consistent Bb, throughout, and realized in a predominantly homophonic texture. Bars 20-22 have a little sequence of descend 3rds. The rest of the work is free.