Luis Milán

Triste estaba muy quejosa


El Maestro (1536), fol. R2


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Source title Este roma[n]ce q[ue] se sigue se ha de tañer muy a espacio: y al [com]pas mayor q[ue] se entiende vn breue en el c[m]pas como veys. y de la manera q[ue] esta sonado. el ca[n]tor ha d[e] haze garga[n]ta qua[n]do la vihuela no haze redobles. tres vezes se ha de tañer este roma[n]ce por que la letra se ha de leer en tres vezes del principio hasta la fin.
Title in contents  
Text incipit Triste estaua muy quexosa


Category song

Genre Romance

Fantasia type

Mode 7

Voices 4

Length (compases) 28


Tuning A

Courses 6

Final VI/3

Highest I/8

Lowest VI/3

Difficulty not specified

Tempo slow

Song Text

Language ES

Vocal notation texted cifras rojas


Rubric: “This romance that follows has to be played very slowly and concerning the ‘compás mayor’ by which is understood as one breve per bar as you can see, and concerning the way it sounds: the singer has to embellish when the vihuela has no redobles. This romance has to be played three times because the text has to be read three times from beginning to end.” This last part refers to the three stanzas of text that are underlaid beneath the tablature.

A variant of this poem, ”Triste estaua y muy penosa,” is included in Hernando del Castillo, Cancionero General, 2nd edition, (Valencia 1514), but it is not in the first edition.Another copy of the text under the heading “Roma[n]ce dela Reyna Troyana glosad: y un Romance de Amadis: hecho por Alonso de Solaya” (n.p., n.d.) reproduced in Pliegos poéticos góticos de la Biblioteca Nacional (Madrid, 1957), vol. II, p. 65,

Song Text

Triste estava muy quexosa
la triste reyna Troyana
en ver a sus hijos muertos
y la ciudad assolada,

y la linda Policena
en el templo degollada
sobr’ el sepulcro de Archiles
por Pirrus sacrificada.

Di traydor como pudiste
en muger vengar tu saña
no bastó su hermosura
contra tu cruel espada.

Sad and full of grief she was
she who was Queen of Troy
on seeing he chidren dead,
and the city in ruins

and the pretty Policena
her throat slit in the temple
on the tomb of Achilles
sacrifieced by Pyrrhus.

Tell traitor how could you
vent your rage on a woman
Was her beauty not enough
against your cruel sword.

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