Luis Milán

Tento 1, del primer y segundo tono


El Maestro (1536), fol. M4v


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Source title [Fantasia] Esta arte de musica que agora se sigue/es semblante ala musica del quarto y quinto quadernos del primero libro:alla os tengo dicho con el ayre y compas que se ha de tañer. el arte della es tentar la vihuela a consonancias mezcladas con redobles:y va por los terminos del primero y segundo tono.
Title in contents  
Text incipit


Category abstract

Genre tiento

Fantasia type Id+Im

Mode 1+2

Voices 4

Length (compases) 251


Tuning A

Courses 6

Final IV/0

Highest I/10

Lowest VI/0

Difficulty not specified

Tempo variable

Song Text


Vocal notation


Rubric: “This style of music that now fiollows is similar to that of the fourth and fifth fascicles of the first book: there I told you that the style and tempo with which such music should be played: its art is to play the vihuela with consonancias mixed with redobles, and it goes according to the terms of the first and second modes”

This is a long work: 251 compases in the consonancias and redobles style. The work divides into six sections, separated from each other by fermatas in the tablature. Alk ternate readings may be possible. Individual episodes are distinguished by their material. Interesting chromaticism – repetitions of phrase (not consecutive) with different ficta. The plan of work seems to show an attempt at unity, by repetition of section (like at the end) and repetition of material in other places. Fairy random structure. Phrases begin in homophony and culminate in sweeping redobles. Sectional repetition at end.