Luis Milán

Fantasía 17 del quinto y sexto tono


El Maestro (1536), fol. E4


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Source title Esta presente fantasia va por los terminos mismos en la vihuela que la fantasia passada anda (...) Y es tambien del quinto y sexto tono.
Title in contents  
Text incipit


Category abstract

Genre fantasia

Fantasia type Id

Mode 5+6

Voices 4

Length (compases) 90


Tuning A

Courses 6

Final VI/1

Highest I/8

Lowest VI/1

Difficulty not specified

Tempo variable

Song Text


Vocal notation


Quite a straightforward example of Milán’s consonancia and redobles style. A short work of 90 compases, including many of Milán’s personal clichés and stylistic formulae. Nonetheless, the work’s direction is clear, perhaps moreso than many other pieces. Highly sectionalized as usual. It comprises balanced sections of new material + K. All thematic activity occurs in the highest voice sounding.

Concordance: there is a copy in the Castelfranco MS, fol. 35 "fantasia spagnuola" (Identified by Franco Pavan, 21 May 2009). It is copied in Italian tablature (the inverse of Milán) using typical headless rhythmic signs, and is an accurate copy. It has two additional chords added at the end, one of the typographical errors of the original source is corrected, and one other chord has an added note.