Differencias de la Zarabanda


Silva de sirenas (1547), Vienna copy, fol. 1


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Source title Differencias de la çarabanda
Title in contents  
Text incipit


Category variations

Genre other

Fantasia type

Mode -

Voices -

Length (compases) 88


Tuning G

Courses 6

Final IV/0

Highest I/7

Lowest VI/0

Difficulty not specified

Tempo not specified

Song Text


Vocal notation


Variation on the harmonic formula of the “zarabanda”. This appears to be among the earliest known sources. The earliest dated source is Monstesardo’s guitar book of 1606. The zarabanda had been mentioned in literary sources from the early sixteenth century, but the associated ostinato formula seems to have consolidated around 1600. The formula is of four bars: I - IV - I - V | I - IV - I - V- I | but the tablature is divided into 8 bar units divided by double bar lines. This piece survives in the manuscript additions to Silva de sirenas in Vienna, Österreichische Nationalsbibliothek, S.A.76.A.15.