Esteban Daza

Fantasía [14] por el primer tono por Gesolreut


El Parnaso (1576), fol. 20


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Source title Fantasia por el primero tono, por Gsolreut a quatro, señalasse la claue de Fafaut tercera en tercero traste. F[acil]
Title in contents   Fantasia por el primer tono por el gesolreut
Text incipit


Category abstract

Genre fantasia

Fantasia type Imp

Mode 1

Voices 4

Length (compases) 89


Tuning C

Courses 6

Final V/2

Highest I/7

Lowest VI/2

Difficulty easy

Tempo not specified

Song Text


Vocal notation puntillos


Polythematic fantasia in 4 sections. Quite typical variation from archetype is seen in section proportions.

III is quite long (16 bars) otherwise a pattern: Long, short, long, short in approx 2:1 ratios. Tonal answers are used in the 2nd section. Transposed Dorian mode… yet the majority of cadences are still on D.
Section III needs special comment, the rest is quite regular. 1) Alto is left out of exposition of 3a 2) Section III divides into 3 parts (i) exposes 3a; (ii) Is a transition to 3b (which is only a farshortened version of 3a) and (iii) Exposes 3b “properly”. 3) The process of (i) & (ii) is virtually identical in concept although quite different in actual notes.