Esteban Daza

Fantasía [11] por el séptimo tono


El Parnaso (1576), fol. 15v


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Source title Fantasia por el septimo tono a tres, señalase la claue de Fefaut quinta en tercero traste. F[acil]
Title in contents   Fantasia a tres, por el septimo tono
Text incipit


Category abstract

Genre fantasia

Fantasia type Imp

Mode 7

Voices 3

Length (compases) 74


Tuning A

Courses 6

Final IV/0

Highest I/8

Lowest VI/8

Difficulty easy

Tempo not specified

Song Text


Vocal notation puntillos


Polythematic fantasia. Typical of Daza but with its own idiosyncrasies: principally a short work of 74 compases (37 bars) divided into 7 short sections with one theme each, of 4-7 bars (average = 5). Considerably strong relationships between themes.

Considerably strong relationships between themes. Themes 1-3 outline a falling 4th. 4-5 the latter is an abbreviation of the other. 6 based on 5. 7 share the falling 5th of 4. With the exception of V no section has more than a single exposition of thematic material.

Voice entries are varied and give no consistent patterns. Two cadences are exceptional in that the leading tones don’t resolve but have crotchet rest followed by new entries at 22-23 & 31-32. Ascend 3rd which is part of 4 5 6 has harmonic (cadential) implications which hold the work together even when theme is absent.
Harmonic rhythm is the central cohesive force of the work.