Esteban Daza

Fantasía [02] por el segundo tono


El Parnaso (1576), fol. 2v


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Source title Fantasia por el segundo tono, señalase la claue de fefaut quinta, en tercero traste D[ificil]
Title in contents   Fantasia por el segundo tono
Text incipit


Category abstract

Genre fantasia

Fantasia type Imp

Mode 2

Voices 4

Length (compases) 83


Tuning A

Courses 6

Final V/0

Highest I/8

Lowest VI/3

Difficulty difficult

Tempo not specified

Song Text


Vocal notation puntillos


Polythematic, imitative fantasia in mode 2. Constructed in 6 episodes (bar numbers, not compases, from Griffiths1982)
I (1-9)
II (9-12)
III (12-23)
IV (23-31)
V (31-36)
VI (36-42)

Structurally, theme 3 is more developed than the others.
One aspect which makes the work little less typical is its harmony — a number of dissonant suspensions and less common harmonic progressions, particularly in theme 3 (bars 13 ff). They are only 4-3 suspensions but their effect is unusual because they occur in non-cadential situations.