Esteban Daza

Angelus Domini [Basurto]


El Parnaso (1576), fol. 69


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Source title Otro Motete a quatro de Vasurto, señalase la claue de C solfaut tercera en primer traste, y señalase la voz del tenor con vnos puntillos.
Title in contents   Angelus do[mi]ni, de Basurto, a quatro.
Text incipit Angelus Domini


Category intabulation

Genre motet

Fantasia type

Mode 5 or 6

Voices 4

Length (compases) 125


Tuning A

Courses 6

Final V/3

Highest I/8

Lowest VI/3

Difficulty not specified

Tempo not specified

Song Text

Language LA

Vocal notation texted puntillos


Intabulation of a four-voice motet by Juan García de Basurto (c.1490-1547). No polyphonic version is known, but the same work is intabulated by Pisador [pi078] together with it secunda pars, Dum complerentur [pi073]
An inventory of the Cathedral of Tarazono lists this work in a manuscript that no longer exists: “Iten un libro de motetes de diversos auctores con cubiertas / negras, son los siguientes… Vasurto, Angelus D[omi]ni, a (fol.) 57 “ cited in Emilio Ros-Fábregas, "16/4 (1591) [03]", Books of Hispanic Polyphony, ed. E. Ros-Fábregas (accession date: 12 Mar 2019),

Song Text

Angelus domini locutus est mulieribus dicens:
Jesus quaeritis
iam surrexit
venite et videte

The Angel of the Lord spoke to the women, saying:
Are you looking for Jesus?
He is now risen;
come and see.

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