Esteban Daza

In me transierunt [Maillard]


El Parnaso (1576), fol. 42v


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Source title Otro Motete de Mayllart a quatro, señalase la claue de C solfaut segu[n]da en vazio, la voz del tenor q[ue] se canta, va señalada co[n] vnos puntillos.
Title in contents   In me transierunt irae tuae, a quatro de Mayllart.
Text incipit In me transierunt


Category intabulation

Genre motet

Fantasia type


Voices 4

Length (compases) 172


Tuning F

Courses 6

Final VI/0

Highest I/9

Lowest VI/0

Difficulty not specified

Tempo not specified

Song Text

Language LA

Vocal notation texted puntillos


Only the prima pars of this motet is intabulated. The text is based on Psalm 38: 1,10,17, 21. (Vulgate: Ps.37: 2,11,18,22.).
The work was printed in 1559 in Clems non Papa, Tertia pars magni operis musici, continens clarissimorum symphonistarum… Nürnberg: Montanus & Neuber, 1559.

None of the known manuscript sources would appear to have been in Daza’s geographical reach.
Manuscript copies of “In me transierunt” RISM ID no.: 211011893
A full set of the parts are held in
1) Västerås, Stadsbibliotek (S-V)  Molér 71 (2d), RISM ID no.: 190007732. Date”: c.1600
2) Lüneburg, Ratsbücherei (D-Lr)  Mus.ant.pract. K.N. 144, RISM ID no.: 453012102
3) Zwickau, Ratsschulbibliothek (D-Z)  69.2.45, RISM ID no.: 220030818
Incomplete parts
4) A manuscript copy of the tenor voice only is held in D-Dl [=SLUB], Mus.Gri.52
5) A copy of the S part is in Växjö, Stadsbibliotek (S-VX)  Musik 15-1600 Nr. 15. RISM ID no.: 190013202
6) S and B parts in Zwickau, Ratsschulbibliothek (D-Z)  Mus.97.1, RISM ID no.: 220032495

Song Text

In me transierunt ire tue et terrores i conturbaverunt me
i cor meum conturbatum est derliquit me virtus mea dolor meus
in conspectuam meo semper.
Ne de relinquas me Domine Deus meus
ne discesseris a me.

(Corrected from Vulgate)

Your anger and wrath and confused me,
and my heart pants, my strength fails me my sorrow
is continually before me.
Do not forsake me, O Lord my God,
nor be far from me.

Modern edition(s)
Printed source(s)

Clemens non Papa, Jacobus. Tertia pars magni operis musici, continens clarissimorum symphonistarum tam veteram quam recentiorum, praecipue vero Clementis non Papae, Carmina elegantissima. Quatuor vocum… Nürnberg: Montanus & Neuber, 1559.