Enríquez de Valderrábano

Fantasía 19 remedada al Kyrie postrero de la Missa De beata Virgine [Josquin]


Silva de sirenas (1547), fol. 73v


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Source title Fantasia remedada al chirie postrero de la misa de Josquin, de beata virgine. Primero tono. Segundo grado.
Title in contents   Fantasia en el segundo grado remedando al postrero chirie de la misa de losquide beata virgine.
Text incipit


Category abstract

Genre fantasia

Fantasia type Par

Mode 1

Voices 3

Length (compases) 129


Tuning E

Courses 6

Final IV/0

Highest I/8

Lowest VI/1

Difficulty medium

Tempo medium

Song Text


Vocal notation


Rubric: “Fantasia imitating the last Kyrie of the Missa De beata virgine by Josquin. Mode 1, second level [of difficulty]”. The piece is composed by interpolating original material with material derived from Josquin’s second Kyrie thus:
1-12 Josquin
13-33 Valderrabano
34-56 Josquin
57-105 Valderrabano
106-120 Josquin
120-129 Josquin [?]
The material is worked in to a homogeneous & satisfying context, approaching the “rhapsodic” style described by Ward that is basically non-imitative on-going polyphony. The themes I have listed are largely points of demarcation rather than central structural elements. The sectionalization in the following diagram is made on the basis of cadences.

The tempo marking “ni apriessa ni espacio” signifies a moderate speed. E tuning gives the polyphony untransposed.