Alonso Mudarra

Beatus Ille [Hofhaimer]


Tres libros de música en cifra (1546), fol. III/34


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Source title Entonase la boz en la segu[n]da al tercero traste.
Title in contents   Beatus Ille qui procui negociis. de hora,
Text incipit Beatus Ille, qui procui negociis


Category intabulation

Genre other

Fantasia type


Voices 4

Length (compases) 16


Tuning G

Courses 6

Final IV/0

Highest II/3

Lowest VI/3

Difficulty not specified

Tempo slow

Song Text

Language LA

Vocal notation texted staff notation


text: Horace, Epodo segundo
intabulation of a four-part ode setting by Paul Hofhaimer (1459-1537), who as working at Maximilian's court.
There are some other Hofhaimer settings in Mudarra. Check Hanc tua Penelope.

Song Text

Beatus ille qui procul negotiis,
ut prisca gens mortalium,
paterna rura bobus exercet suis
solutus omni fænore,

neque excitatur classico miles truci,
neque horret iratum mare,
Forumque vitat et superba civium
potentiorum limina.

ergo aut adulta vitium propagine
altas maritat populos,
aut in reducta valle mugentium
prospectat errantis greges,

inutilisque falce ramos amputans
feliciores inserit,
aut pressa puris mella condit amphoris,
aut tondet infirmas ovis.

Happy is the man who, far away from business cares, like the pristine race of mortals, works his ancestral acres with his steers, free from all money-lending;

who is not, as a soldier, roused by the wild clarion, nor dreads the angry sea; he avoids the Forum and proud thresholds of more powerful citizens;

and so he either weds his lofty poplar trees to well-grown vines, or in secluded dales looks out upon the ranging herds of lowing cattle,

and, cutting off useless branches with the pruning knife, engrafts more fruitful ones, or stores away pressed honey in clean jars, or shears the helpless sheep.

Modern edition(s)

Moser, Hans Joachim. Paul Hofhaimer. Ein Lied- Und Orgelmeister Des Deutschen Humanismus. 2., erg. und verb. Aufl. Mit 24 Abbildungen, zahlreichen Notenbeispielen und als Anhang Hofhaimers gesammelte Tonwerke. ([Nachdruck] der Ausg. Stuttgart 1929). Hildesheim: Gg. Olms, 1966.

Robledo Estaire, Luis, Tess Knighton, Cristina Bordas, and Juan José Carreras. Aspectos de la cultura musical en la Corte de Felipe II, Madrid: Fundación Caja Madrid; Alpuerto, 2000.

Printed source(s)

Hofhaimer, Paul. Harmoniae poeticae Pauli Hofheimeri, viri equestri dignitate insigni, ac musici excellentis, quales sub ipsam mortem cecinit. Nürnberg: J. Petreius, 1539.