Alonso Mudarra

Dulces exuviae


Tres libros de música en cifra (1546), fol. III/32v


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Source title Versos del quarto de vergilio. Entonase la box e[n] la segu[n]da al quarto traste.
Title in contents   Dulces exuuie del quarto de Vergilio.
Text incipit Dulces exuviae


Category song

Genre Canción

Fantasia type



Length (compases) 52


Tuning GH

Courses 6

Final VI/2

Highest I/7

Lowest VI/2

Difficulty not specified

Tempo medium

Song Text

Language LA

Vocal notation texted staff notation


text: Virgil (Aenead) Eneida (Sp) book IV, verses 651-665.

Song Text

Dulces exuviae, dum fata deusque sinebant,
accipite hanc animam meque his exoluite curis,
Vixi et quem dederat cursum fortuna peregi,
et nunc magna mei sub terras ibit imago.

Urbem preclaram statui, mea moenia vidi,
ulta virum penas inimico a fratre recepi,
felix, heu, nimium felix, si litora tantum
nunquam Dardanie tetegissent nostra carine.

Dixit, et os impressa toro, “Moriemur inulte,
sed moriamur” ait. “Sic, sic iuvat ire sub umbras.
Hauriat hunc oculis ignem crudelis ab alto
Dardanus, et nostre secum ferat omina mortis.”

Dixerat atque illam media inter talia ferro
collapsam aspiciunt comites ensemque cruore
spumantem sparsaque manus.

“Sweet relics, sweet as long as God and the Fates permitted, receive this my life-breath, and release me from my grief. I have lived my life; I have pursued whatever course Fortune presented. Now shall my royal spirit pass away to the Underworld.

“I have established a famous city, and have lived to see its walls. I have avenged my husband. amd exacted punishment on our fraternal enemy. How happy, alas too happy would I have been, had the Trojan ships never reached our shores.

Thus she spoke. Then, having kissed the couch, said, “I shall die unavenged, but die I shall. Thus, thus shall I pass into the world of shadows. May the cruel Trojan, as he sails away over the deep, drink of the sight of my funeral-pyre in flames and bear with him, the omen of my death”.

She had finished. And even while she spoke, her companions watched her fall upon the blade, saw the blood foaming around the sword and her hands flecked with gore.

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