Alonso Mudarra

Itene all’ ombra


Tres libros de música en cifra (1546), fol. III/44


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Source title Entonase a boz en la segunda el primero traste.
Title in contents   Y tene al hombra. Letra de Sanazaro.
Text incipit I tene al ombra


Category song

Genre Soneto

Fantasia type



Length (compases) 23


Tuning B

Courses 6

Final V/3

Highest II/3

Lowest VI/3

Difficulty not specified

Tempo medium

Song Text

Language IT

Vocal notation texted staff notation


Setting of the second eclogue of L’Arcadia by Neapolitan poet Jacopo Sannazaro. L’Arcadia was composed c.1480 and publisehd in Naples in 1504. Mudarra sets only the first three of the 147 verses of the eclogue, a dialogue between Montano and Uranio, that commences with 62 verses from Montano. The poetry is set in endecasyllabic lines, with very few irregularities, and principally in tercets, so it would be possible to sing the entire words of Montano to Mudarra’s music in the manner of a romance.