Angel playing a vihuela de arco. Attributed to Juan de Flandes (c.1460-1519) in the dome of the choir in the Monastery of Guadalupe, c.1595

(1495ca) - Monasterio de Guadalupe, Spain
instrument: vihuela de arco | century: 15cent/3/late | catalogue nº: 15-359a

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Creator Flandes, Juan de

Medium Artwork: Fresco


City Guadalupe | Region Extremadura | Old kingdom Castile

Body Waisted Strings 5 strings Neck Medium Pegbox Flat leaf
Bridge Fixed Frets No Back Flat Pegs None
Technique Bowed a braccio

One of the Frescos of angels in the dome of the choir in the Monastery of Guadalupe, a fresco attributed to Juan de Flandes (c.1460-1519), apparently dating from the last years of the 15th century. Alvarez (alvarez1965) documents payments to someone who could well be Juan de Flandes in Guadalupe in the last decadeof the century, 1595-1598. The paintings include angels playing: a) vihuela de arco, b) lute, c) rabel, d) psaltery, e) shawm?, f) portative organ, g) harp

This vihuela de arco is very similar to a vihuela de mano as the instrument was known in the sixteenth century. It is clearly from the time when the bowed and plucked instruments had become separated, and this appears to be the wrong vihuela for the way it is being played. The instrument is fretless, however, and also has an unusual leaf-shaped pegbox.