from “Virgen de los Ángeles”, Diego Valentín Díaz, c.1615

(1615/ca) - Valladolid: Iglesia de Iglesia de San Miguel y San Julián.
instrument: vihuela de arco | century: 16cent | catalogue nº: 17-124e

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Creator Díaz, Diego Valentín

Medium Artwork: Painting


City Valladolid | Region Castilla-León | Old kingdom Castile

Body Corners Strings Unclear Neck Long Pegbox Obscured
Bridge Fixed Frets No Back Flat Pegs Obscured
Technique Bowed a gamba

“Virgen de los Ángeles”. Oil on Canvas. Diego Valentín Díaz ((Valladolid 1586-Valladolid 1660). 246 x 206 cm. Iglesia de San Miguel y San Julián (Valladolid).
One of the five bowed and plucked stringed instruments in the painting. The full painting is given as 17-124.

A similar vihuela de arco to that depicted in the same painting played on the shoulder (17-124b) and bowed in the opposite direction with an overhand grip, unlike the underhand grip in this painting. The instrument appears to have more soundholes than the simple round central aperture, and it is unclear whether the painter was trying to illustrate the instrument with a flat bridge like that of a plucked vihuela, or whether he was attemping to show some degree of curvature.