Vihuela. Detail from an early 16th century Catalan (Spanish) painting, "St. Vincent enthroned with music making angels", by the Master of Javierre. Painting is located in the Museo Diocesano, Lérida.

Lérida: Museo Diocesano.
instrument: vihuela de mano | century: 16cent/1/early | catalogue nº: 16-139

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Creator Maestro de Javierre

Medium Artwork: Painting


City Lérida | Region Catalonia | Old kingdom Aragon

Body Corners Strings 3 strings Neck Long Pegbox Angled flat
Bridge Fixed Frets Yes Back Flat Pegs None
Technique Plucked fingers thumb out

One of the four instruments in the painting. See 16-137. This is one of the two vihuelas painted on the finiuals on each side of the back of the throne on which St Vincent sits (16-138; 16-139). Woodfield describes this picture as having “two tiny grotesque figures appear squatting on the back of the saint’s throne and playing exceptionally long-necked vihuelas”

One of the four instruments in the painting. this vihuela is being played left-handed. It is more detailed than its pair 16-138. The soundbox has cornered waists, a central soundhole (covered by the player’s hand) and a fixed bridge at the lower end of the body. It was a long neck, finishing with a flat angled pegbox. The monochrome depiction (as if depicting a carved wooden image) shows three or four strings, seven double [?] frets but without detail of the tuning pegs. The instrument is played with a thumb-out technique.

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