Vihuela. Detail from an early 16th century Catalan (Spanish) painting, "St. Vincent enthroned with music making angels", by the Master of Javierre. Painting is located in the Museo Diocesano, Lleida (Lérida).

Lleida: Museo Diocesano.
instrument: vihuela de mano | century: 16cent/1/early | catalogue nº: 16-138

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Creator Maestro de Javierre

Medium Artwork: Painting


City Lérida | Region Catalonia | Old kingdom Aragon

Body Corners Strings None Neck Medium Pegbox Angled flat
Bridge Fixed Frets No Back Flat Pegs None
Technique Plucked fingers thumb out

See 16-137. This is one of the two vihuelas painted on the finiuals on each side of the back of the throne on which St Vincent sits (16-138; 16-139).

One of the four instruments in the painting. this vihuela has a body with cornered waists, a central soundhole (not depicted with any rosette) and a fixed bridge at the lower end of the body. It was a medium length neck, finishing with a flat angled pegbox. The monochrome depiction (as if depicting a carved wooden image) has no other visible details of strings, frets or pegs.) The instrument appears to be being played with a thumb-out technique very close to the body-neck join.

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