Angel vihuelist. Detail from an Assumption of the Virgin, c. 1560

(1560) - Private Collection [Portugal], formerly in Alpedrinha
instrument: vihuela de mano | century: 16cent/2/mid | catalogue nº: 16-247

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Creator anon

Medium Artwork: Painting


City Alpedrinha | Region Portugal | Old kingdom Portugal

Body Waisted Strings Unclear Neck Medium Pegbox Unclear
Bridge Not visible Frets Back Flat Pegs Unclear
Technique Plucked fingers thumb in

This angel musician is a detail from an anonymous Assumption of the Virgin, c. 1560, now in a private collection in Portugal but original from the private chapel of the Solar [Manor] dos Marqueses de Pancas, Alpedrinha. More details on this location are available from (accessed 9/05/2020). The painting, oil on oak (97 x 100.3cm) is thought to be of Spanish origin. At the last report (2011) it had not been restored. The full painting is reporduced in duarte2016 as Fig. 14.

Small vihuela with incurved sides, and a seemingly flat back judging from the ribs. Few details are clearly visible. There seems to be evidence of a fixed bridge, and perhaps a soundhole in the centre of the upper bout. The vihuela has a medium neck (join at about the 10th fret) finishing in an indistinct pegbox, possibly angled flat. It is being plucked with the fingers and the left hand is in a realistic playing position