Angel with guitar (Juan Rodríguez, c. 1525-32)

(1530/ca) - Avila, Museo catedralicio, vitrina 10, no 141.
instrument: vihuela de mano / guitarra | century: 16cent | catalogue nº: 16-145

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Creator Rodríguez Tapia, Juan

Medium Artwork: Sculpture


City Avila | Region Castilla-León | Old kingdom Castile

Body Waisted Strings 4 strings Neck Medium Pegbox None
Bridge Fixed Frets No Back Vaulted Pegs None
Technique Plucked fingers thumb out

Polychromed wood sculpture of an angel with 4-course guitar. Originally made for the altar of the Cathedral in Avila but now in the Museo catedralicio, vitrina 10, no 141.

Similar shape to 6-course vihuelas. Characteristics include a single rosette 2/3 toward neck, a bridge close to the bottom of the instrument. Information about this sculpture was communicated by luthier Carlos González [e-mail 11/1/2002]. He describes it as “a wood carving by Juan Rodríguez, circa 1525, representing a splendid four-course guitar with a vaulted back.” In a subsequent email of 29/08/2002 he adds: “I had the occasion to study it in detail in 1990… and is most interesting. It has a back like the five-course vihuela or guitar by Belchior Dias, but not fluted. Unfortunately the pegbox is missing, a piece that is customarily fragile in sculptures, but even so in this case because the wood is worm eaten.“