Examination of violeros from the Ordenanzas de Sevilla, 1527.

(1527) - Biblioteca Nacional de España, Madrid
instrument: vihuela | century: 16cent/1/early | catalogue nº: 16-167

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Medium Document: violeros


City Sevilla | Region Andalucia | Old kingdom Castile

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The first set of regulations promulgated in Spain to regulate the activity of violeros. See document D0358. Mostly, it sets out the way that violeros were examined and whatthey were required to know.

The Reyes Católicos promulgated the first laws for the guild of violeros for the kingdom of Castile. These were apparently gathered together in 1502 by Conde Cifuentes, although other sources say that they were prepared in the years 1515-1519. They were first published in Sevilla 1527. They include details of the examinations and lists the instruments that aspirants had to be able to make in order to become mastercraftsmen. It was the basis for numerous other examination procedures in Spain and Latin America.

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