Vihuelas and lutes belonging to Rodrigo Sarmiento de la Cerda

(1580) - AHPV, protocolos, legajo 386, fol. 587
instrument: | century: 16cent/3/late | catalogue nº: 16-331

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Medium Document: archival Spain


City Valladolid | Region Castilla-León | Old kingdom Castile

Body Strings Neck Pegbox
Bridge Frets Back Pegs
Technique Description

These details are from the inventory of the possessions of don Rodrigo Sarmiento de la Cerda and Villandrando, Count of Salinas and Count of Ribadeo (1580)

This is an inventory of a fine collection of musical instruments and accessories. See the complete document for all details. The original text is in Document D0363. This English translation is abbreviated. The instruments of relevance here are:
• An ivory lute with ebony spacers [200 r]
• An ebony vihuela with inlays and carved rose with an inscription at the top that says “Diego del Castillo”. [violero] [3 ducats]
• A vihuela with ebony ribs and its deep rosette “lazo hondo”, [3 ducats]
• A vihuela with ebony ribs with a carved rosette, with an inscription that says Diego Portillo [= regidor of Valladolid, husband of María de Aranda] [3 ducats]
• A large vihuela with walnut ribs and the coat of arms of the Sarmientos and a inlay on the back [34 reais witheld from sale]
• An ebony guitar with deep rosette with an inscription on its head “Juan Rodriguez” [violero from Madrid] with its case [3 ducats, withheld from sale]
• A small walnut lute with a scroll on the pegbox and an inscription that says Juan de Villalpando [violero] [ducat and a half out from witheld]
• An ebony vihuela with a vaulted back with a deep rosette by Sebastian Rodriguez with a cloth-lined case [16 ducats]
• An empty vihuela case