Ordenanzas for the examination of violeros (Lisbon, 1572)

(1572 ) - Arquivo da Câmara Municipal de Lisboa
instrument: vihuela de mano | century: 16cent/2/mid | catalogue nº: 16-334

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Medium Document: archival not Spain


City Lisbon | Region Portugal | Old kingdom Portugal

Body Strings Neck Pegbox
Bridge Frets Back Pegs
Technique Construction

The is the first regulations for the examination of violeros in Lisbon, promulgated by 1572. The text describes various features of the construction technique. Apprentices were required to “make a vihuela of six courses with ribs of black or red wood [=rosewood] worked with heat, well moulded and finished, soundboard and back of two halves…” also a harp and a vihuela de arco, big or small, and a chessboard. There are many other details of the use of peones and cloth lining on the inside of the instruments. Gives details of the knowledge of strings required to string instruments being supplied. Strings are to be made from gut from mutton [carnero]: using sheep or goat gut attracted a fine of 1000 reales. See document D0379