Ordenanzas: Examination of violeros (Sevilla, 1552)

(1552 1672) - Examen de violeros y organistas y otros officios de musica E:Mn, R 31338
instrument: vihuela de mano | century: 16cent/2/mid | catalogue nº: 16-251

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Medium Document: archival Spain


City Granada | Region Andalucia | Old kingdom Castile

Body Strings Neck Pegbox
Bridge Frets Back Pegs
Technique Construction

These are the details of the examination of violeros published in the Recopilación de las ordenanzas de la muy noble y muy leal ciudad de Sevilla (1527). These are the oldest printed Ordenanzas for the guild of violeros in Spain.
The original ordenanzas of Sevilla were written c. 1500, but not printed until 1527. These are the earliest ordenanzas regarding the examination of violeros. Link to the further details about the document at
The original document is available online (see below)

A revised edition was published in 1552 Examen de violeros y organistas y otros officios de musica, E:Mn, R 31338, fol 224. The document provides details of apprenticeship, examination as a tradesman, establishment of a tradesman’s own shop, the instruments expected to be built and the substance of the examination.

Romaillos 2002 gives an English translation