Harmon, Roger.

“Luys Milan's Orpheus woodcut”. The lute: Journal of the Lute Society 37 (1997): 37-43.

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Article: journal 1997 harmon1997

ABSTRACT: Near the beginning of Luis de Milán's «Libro de música de vihuela de mano intitulado El maestro» (Valencia, 1536), an emblem appears showing Orpheus playing the vihuela for an audience of animals, trees, and stones. Details in the background--burning castles, a ferryman crossing a river--make it possible to locate this picture in contexts both narrative (Virgil's «Georgica» and Ovid's «Metamorphoses») and iconographical (Titian et al.). (author)


Composer MILAN

Instrument VIHUELA

Century 16CENT

Region SPAIN


Music genre

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Milán, Luis