Godt, Irving.

“Ercole's angel concert.” Journal of Musicology 7 (1989): 327-342.

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Article: journal 1989 godt1989

The apse of Santa Maria della Consolazione in Ferrara, a church with a curious architectural history, displays an unattributed Coronation of the Virgin with an elaborate angel concert. The fresco, rich in organological, historical, and symbolic evidence, was commissioned by Ercole I d'Este and completed by 1505. Depicted accurately are a vihuela de mano, violone, viola da gamba with an endpin, lira da braccio, viola da braccio, harp, rebec, lute, tenor shawm, tambourine, and a still unsolved canon in the hands of a singer. Less accurately drawn are five more wind instruments and an imaginary “humanistic” instrument. (author) RILM NO.: 89-11338-ap




Century 16CENT

Region ITALY


Music genre

Research field ICONOGRAPHY