Schneider, Marius.

“Un villancico de Alonso Mudarra procedente de la música popular granadina”. Anuario Musical 10 (1955): 79-83.

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Article: journal 1955 schneider1955

Among the songs collected by Schneider in the province of Granada in 1945, near the town of Gor, were three versions of the same song which are closely related to Mudarra’s “Dime a donde tienes las mientes”[no 70 in Pujol edition]. The folk song is exclusively sung by shepherds. Not only are the melodies closely related, but also the texts. The metres differ however: Mudarra version in 6/4:4/4; popular version in 6/8. The article presents the melodic versions in parallel with Mudarra’s melody and gives the texts:

Popular text:
¡Ay! tontería, darle voces
al pastor que esté dormido
si no llegáis a decirle:
el ganado te se ha ido.

Mudarra text:
Dime a donde tienes las mientes
pastorcico descuidado
que se te pierde el ganado.


Composer MUDARRA

Instrument VIHUELA

Century 16CENT

Region SPAIN


Music genre SONGS

Research field REPERTORY & STYLE