Diego Sánchez Codex.

Valladolid, Paroquia de Santiago, without call number, (1616).

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Mensural manuscript 1616 E-Vp1616

Description in DIAMM:

1616. Provenience: Part One from Sevilla? Part two Valladolid? 156 folios, paper, 395 x 270 mm. Modern folio count 1-155 in pencil , fol. 69 given to two consecutive folios. Some pages lost and severe damage by ink corrosion. Original parchment cover. The manuscript consists of two parts: 1-94 and 94-155. Scribe of the first part is Diego Sánchez. Entry on fol. 1r: Haec celebrent omens linguis moteta Magistri Francisci / Guerreri; et celebrent coetera membra quoque / Di. Sánchez / fecit / Laudibus extoli debet qui tanta peregit / scribendo, siquidem grandis est iste labor / Diego Sánchez / Clérigo / 1616. Ten more scribes were involved in writing the second part.

Contents: 3 masses, 1 Requiem, 2 pieces without text, 10 antiphons, 4 passions, 1 psalm, 1 Doxologie, 53 motets

Nuria Torres reported on her work on this codex and music in the Iglesia de Santiago de Valladolid at the Victoria conference in León in 2012, later published as “Música en tiempos de Victoria en la parroquia de Santiago (Valladolid) ”. Revista de Musicología 35.1 (2012): 87-102. Refer to the entry for more information.




Century 17CENT

Region SPAIN


Music genre

Research field MUSIC