Kastner, Santiago.

“Relations entre la musique instrumentale française et espagnole au XVIe siècle”. Anuario Musical 10 (1955): 84-110; 11 (1956): 91-110.

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Article: journal 1955 1956 kastner1955

Compares Attaingnant kybd works with Venegas and Cabezón.
• Fuenllana visited France 1565 with Isabel de Valois, wife of Felipe II (see below)
• François I in Spain 1525- as prisoner of war. During this time he visited: Tarragona, Valencia, Madrid, Guadalajara (where great festivities were celebrated at the palace of the Dukes of the Infantado), Alcalá.
When imprisoned in Madrid, 60 servants including the king’s lutenists were sent from Paris. Kastner concludes that the lutenist Hubert Spalter (or D’Espalt) would have been in Spain with François: too early for Albert da Rippe, etc
Other French nobility in Spain:
• Marguerite de Valois-Angoulème, sister of François, I visited him in 1525
• Charles de Bourbon, November 1525
• Queen Eleonore, sister of Charles V, Wife of Manuel of Portugal. Visited 1517, 1526-30
Roger Pathie was organist to Eleonore in France 1529-
• Isabel de Valois, 3rd wife of Philip II, married 28.01.1560. 1565: Isabel sent by Carles V with the Duke of Alba to Bayonne to negotiate with Catherine de Medici. Fuenllana would have made the trip in her retinue (Vol X/p 104) as director of her chamber music. Kastner gives some of the pay lists of musicians (which unfortunately contain very few names).
• some references to names:
Madrid 28.01.1569: Juan Pietro, músico de vihuela, que fue de la reina nra sra (Isabel), 96,250 mrs. Simancas AGS, Casa real de Castilla, leg 41. Fuenllana’s dismissal from Isabel’s court after her death is also recorded in the same legajo.



Instrument VIHUELA

Century 16CENT

Region SPAIN


Music genre