Escarti, Vicent Josep.

“Aportacions a la biografia i a la ideologia de Lluís del Milà”. Miscel·lània Joaquim Molas, edited by Josep Massot i Muntaner, Vol. 4. Barcelona: Abadia de Montserrat, 2009. 23-53.

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Publication type Year ISBN/ISSN Bibliog code
Article 2009 978-84-9883-197-9 escarti2009

The version published on Escarti´s website is probably very similar and appears to be typeset from a book, although the pagination does not coincide exactly. The article does not present new material, but gives an up to date approximation of Milán.


Composer MILAN

Instrument VIHUELA

Century 16CENT

Region SPAIN


Music genre

Research field BIOGRAPHY