Post, Chandler Rathfon

A History of Spanish Painting. 14 vols. Cambridge, Mass: Harvard University Press, 1930-1966; rpt New York: Kraus Reprint, 1970-1976.

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Book 1930-1966 postHSP

See esp. vol 6: (1935) and vol 11: (1953)
v. 1. Pre-romanesque style, the Romanesque style • v. 2. The Franco-gothic style, the Italo-gothic and international styles •
v. 3. The Italo-gothic and international styles • V. 4. The Hispano-flemish style in north western Spain (2v.) • v. 5. The Hispano-flemish style in Andalusia • v. 6. The Valencian school in the late middle ages and early renaissance (2 v.) • v. 9. The beginning of the renaissance in Castile and Leon (2 v.) • V. 10. The early renaissance in Andalusia • v. 11. The Valencian school in the early renaissance • v. 12. The Catalan school in the early renaissance (2 v.) • v. 13. The schools of Aragon and Navarre in the early renaissance • v. 14. The later renaissance in Castile



Instrument VIHUELA

Century 15CENT, 16CENT

Region SPAIN


Music genre

Research field ICONOGRAPHY